Your Countertop Journey: From Estimate to Installation

Onur Marble
Onur Marble and Granite
Step 1

Getting An Estimate​

The easiest way to get a price quote is to draw a simple sketch of your countertops with measurements. They don’t have to be perfect, just close enough. Imagine you’re looking down at them from above, like a map. Measure all the longest parts. By providing this sketch, you help us understand your project better, which allows us to give you a more accurate price quote. Bring this sketch with you when you meet with us or email it to us.

Step 2

Selecting Your Stone

Whether it’s your first visit or you’ve been here before, we suggest you come ready. Bring along samples or swatches of anything that can assist us in helping you choose a color. This could include a cabinet door or drawer, a paint swatch, or a flooring sample. When you arrive, we’ll guide you through our Indoor Slab Gallery, which offers over 60 colors to choose from. This way, you can see how different colors and materials look together, making it easier to visualize your final project.

Onur Marble and Granite
Onur Marble
Onur Marble and Granite
Step 3


We use a digital measuring device to template, which scans the precise measurements of your walls and cabinets. Our technician then uploads this information into our CAD software to make the necessary modifications and incorporate details like the sink, faucet, and stove. This digital templating process ensures the most accurate measurements for your project, leading to a precise fit and efficient installation.

Step 4


Our fabrication team uses the digital template to create your project in CAD/CAM software. They use this software to cut the material, router the edges you’ve chosen, and hand-polish those edges. This process utilizes American-made CNC technology to ensure precision. This process ensures that your countertops are precisely cut and finished according to your specifications, using state-of-the-art technology for the best possible result. Additionally, we apply the sealer, if needed, at this stage, ensuring your countertops are protected before installation.

Onur Marble
Onur Marble and Granite
Step 5


Our meticulous countertop installation process ensures that your countertops are installed safely and with attention to detail. When we install your project, we handle it with the same care as if it were our own. We aim to create the largest, safest-to-handle piece possible. While seams may be necessary, we use the latest technology to make them as inconspicuous as possible. Additionally, we provide you with a maintenance packet and a daily cleaner for natural stone/quartz, ensuring that your countertops preserve their beauty and longevity.

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